Contributing to the global goals

Performance evaluations of businesses are no longer based only on financial results. Instead, a growing number of investors and stakeholders seek to understand how results have been achieved or – in other words – in which way a business model is contributing towards sustainable utilization of natural resources and improved living conditions.

Carbonbay will identify and demonstrate your company’s and project’s contribution towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set forth by the United Nations and signed by more than 190 countries. We consider all relevant sub-targets and the official SDG-indicators and apply scientific best practices, to avoid “green-washing” and guarantee a robust analysis of your business’ impacts.

As part of our advisory service, we point out development areas and offer strategies for more impactful alignment of your business set-up towards the Global Goals. Our communication services identify impacts that can be integrated and effectively visualized i.e. as part of your sustainability communication.

Contact our team to take advantage of the enormous potential the SDGs can have for your corporate sustainability action and reporting.