About the Program

Situated between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, separated by a diversity of river systems, lie the coastal plains and rugged mountain chains of the three Central American countries: Costa Rica, Honduras and Nicaragua. The Guacamaya program addresses the lack of electricity grid coverage in the countries' widely dispersed rural and underdeveloped regions. In order to reduce rural poverty and inequality, to improve health, broaden the reach of education and promote economic growth, the access to modern and sustainable energy services is fundamental.

The PoA supports the development of new small-scale, national grid connected run-of-river power projects. Each project is transforming the remote and underserved communities by providing clean electricity, constructing and maintaining local infrastructure, creating job opportunities, introducing modern technology as well as improving education. Thus, with the help of the PoA, the construction of a school center in the community of El Salto, Honduras could be achieved. 

With a maximum of 15 MW installed capacity, the hydro power plants use modern technology that is most adaptable to local conditions and able to be operated and managed entirely by the communities. Strict monitoring and reporting obligations guarantee minimum environmental impacts. In addition, reforestation and afforestation activities have been implemented as well as social and environmental education and activity programs.

The additional registration under the CDM and Gold Standard ensures that all relevant indicators of the program’s contribution to a sustainable development are monitored and guaranteed throughout its lifetime.

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Gold Standard
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Program Facts

Project type Run-of-river hydro power
Location Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua
Carbon standard CDM, Gold Standard
CDM project ID 8950
GS project ID 3552
Registration date 20/12/2012
Number of included plants 3
Annual CO2-eq reduction 40,000 tons

Sustainable Development Goals

While working towards the transition to a low-carbon future and taking action against climate change, the Guacamaya Small-Scale Hydro Power Program actively contributes toward achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Each of the 17 goals has specific targets seeking to protect the planet, end poverty, reduce inequality and ensure prosperity for all.


good health

Emission reduction of sulfur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen monoxide (NO). Studies prove a significant correlation between high concentrations of SO2 or NO and cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

quality education

Electrification of educational center in the community of El Salto, Honduras. The electrification enables the school to conduct computer classes, improving skills in information and communication technology.

renewable electricity

Generation and distribution of 75,000 MWh clean energy to rural, underdeveloped regions, increases the total share of renewable energy within the national energy mix and secures local energy supply.

economic growth

Creation of 74 full-time jobs for men and women in rural regions.

climate action

Annual reduction of 40,000 tons CO2-eq. The reduction is in line with the countries‘ ratification of the second commitment period of the Kyoto protocol and NDCs, submitted in accordance with the Paris Agreement.

partnerships for the goals

Transfer of revenue share and support of environmentally sound technology development, since Carbonbay, as project partner, is responsible for the distribution of the generated carbon credits.