About the Program

Despite abundant solar resources, India’s current electric power systems use carbon-intensive fossil fuels, as the country faces an ongoing rapid growth in population and energy demand.

Electricity consumption comes at high costs to families and contributes to a significant release of greenhouse gas emissions. The access to modern energy services is crucial to enabling sustainable socio-economic development.

The Nuetech Solar Water Heater Program, which is implemented and managed together with our local partner Nuetech Solar, promotes the distribution of solar water heaters and technology throughout India to ensure a reliable hot water supply on a household and SME level. It further contributes to higher levels of economic productivity through technological upgrading and innovation.

Until now, over 91.124 solar water heaters have been distributed and installed across the country, reducing over 140,000 tons of CO2-eq per year. This makes it the largest such project in the subcontinent and is continuously expanding to further promote the distribution of carbon-efficient heating technology at reasonable costs.

Nuetech Solar is supporting local initiatives in providing educational as well as awareness raising programs to take meaningful action to combat climate change and its impacts. 

The additional registration under the CDM and Gold Standard ensures that all relevant indicators of the program’s contribution to a sustainable development are monitored and guaranteed throughout its lifetime.


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Gold Standard
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Program Facts

Project type Solar power - household
Location India
Carbon standard CDM, Gold Standard
CDM project ID 8855
GS project ID 3378
Registration date 31/12/2012
Number of SWHs distributed 91,124
Annual CO2-eq reduction 140,000 tons

Sustainable Development Goals

While working towards the transition to a low-carbon future and taking action against climate change, the Nuetech Solar Water Heater Program actively contributes toward achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Each of the 17 goals has specific targets seeking to protect the planet, end poverty, reduce inequality and ensure prosperity for all.


good health

Emission reduction of 744.43 tons SO2 and 206.55 tons NO. Studies prove a significant correlation between high concentrations of SO2 or NO and cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

quality education

Capacity building programs about the installation, maintenance and repairing of SWH. Currently, more than 2,000 plumbers have been trained. Additional acquired skills lead to additional income.

gender equality

23% of the positions in middle & senior management (7 of 30) within the company are staffed by women. This value significantly exceeds the average share of women in managerial positions in India.

renewable electricity

More than 91.124 SWH produce 145,000 MWh thermal energy from solar radiation per year. Thus, less carbon intensive electricity is needed for heating up water through conventionally used electric geysers.

economic growth

Nuetech Solar Systems is currently hiring 165 employees. In addition, more than 500 indirect jobs were created nationwide by independent dealers who distribute Nuetech’s solar water heaters throughout the country.


Almost 40% of the employees at Nuetech Solar Systems are directly working in the manufacturing process (average in India: 10.7%).

climate action

Annual reduction of 140,000 tons CO2-eq. The reduction is in line with India‘s ratification of the second commitment period of the Kyoto protocol and NDCs, submitted in accordance with the Paris Agreement.

partnerships for the goals

Transfer of revenue share to India and support of environmentally sound technology development, since Carbonbay, as project partner, is responsible for the distribution of the generated carbon credits.

sustainable cities

A further project contribution towards SDG 11 is in progress.