Project Development

Project developement

Carbonbay is an experienced carbon project developer and managing entity for various carbon schemes, qualities and technologies supported by local partners in Asia, Africa, Latin and South America.

We develop project activities with a strong focus on sustainable development, by not only reducing greenhouse gas emissions but also by achieving measurable improvements for the communities and regions, thus helping to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

As long-term partner to local project developers, we take care of all carbon related activities - from the registration of the projects under the CDM, VCS and the Gold Standard to the sales of the generated carbon credits to our network of compliance and voluntary market buyers.



CPA Inclusion

Our registered Programs of Activities (PoAs) are ready to deliver (Gold Standard-) CERs eligible for compliance under the European Union Emission Trading Scheme (EU-ETS) and the international voluntary carbon market.

PoAs enable project developers to add similar project activities that alone are too small to be viable as CDM stand-alone projects to a program as component project activities. They therefore avoid undergoing the complete CDM project cycle and benefit from an existing carbon program infrastructure – saving lots of time, risks and money.

Are you interested in developing a project and taking advantage of one of our registered PoAs? We’ll support you in yielding cost effective inclusions of your projects to our global carbon infrastructure.