Telling your Sustainability Story

Sustainability can be a significant revenue driver. According to a recent study, sustainability accounts for up to 13 % of a business’ revenue.*  In order to be recognized as a „good brand“ or a „good company“, transparent and credible communication of your company’s climate related actions is proven to be absolutely essential.

Carbonbay supports you in compiling your climate action data as well as in reporting the results of your corporate climate action. The reports are presented in a verifiable format and compliant with the most recognized reporting standards, such as the GHG Protocol, the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) or UN Global Compact.

* Serviceplan Corporate Reputation and Biesalski & Company: Sustainability Value Score 2016

Do you want to exceed the standard and get the utmost from sustainability reporting?

Your communication will have to offer more than technocratic numbers and written reports. With our services, you will attract attention among your key stakeholders, consistently geared to the needs of the most relevant target groups such as customers, employees, investors and the media.

Included in our services are high quality videos and photographs, touching background stories, fresh infographics and informational events. With our combined environmental and communicational expertise and a large global network of experts in all fields of media production, we provide you with authentic and credible communication solutions, creating the visibility your corporate climate action deserves.